One of our goals is to offer the widest range of products and services to the
customers, and this is what makes sellers essential. As the World’s First
Universal Cash Reward as-a-Service Company, we’re always looking for
ways to add value for our customers. As a Naija CashToken merchant, you
take part in offering those customers better selection, better prices, and a
top-notch customer experience.

Before you start selling

  1. Make sure you comply with our conditions:

    Your products can be sold on You
    have all the necessary information to create your account:
    Mail address and phone number
    Details of your company (address, legal name, etc.)
    Bank account details.

  2. How much does it cost to sell on NaijaCashToken
    The registration on NaijaCashToken Market place is free for all the
    vendors. For each sale you make via our platform, you will be
    charged a fee depending on the discount offered by the vendor.

  3. Access the merchant dashboard
    When you are registered, all the management of your online store is
    done via the merchant dashboard. With this portal you have access
    to all the information you need to manage your sales, add products,
    update your product information, have an overview of actual sales,
    etc.It is a one-stop shop to facilitate the management of your sales
    account on NaijaCashToken Marketplace.

    Below are just a few of the things you can do on the merchant

    Keep track of your inventory and update your listings
    Keep track of orders that are in NaijaCashToken Marketplace
    Join the promotional campaigns.

  4. List your products.
    Your first step to make your products available for the customers is to
    upload them via the merchant dashboard on the NaijaCashToken
    Marketplace. ( check our guide on how to upload products on the
    NaijaCashToken Marketplace.)


  5. How to process an order
    As soon as a customer orders one of your products, you immediately
    get your item ready to dispatch. Here are the steps to do it properly:
    Check daily your merchant dashboard to see if you have a new order
    (a mail alert is also sent to you).
    Prepare your package for delivery.


  6. How to deliver your order
    NaijaCashToken marketplace offers two main solutions to deliver your
    -NaijaCashToken marketplace pickup and dispatches the product
    directly to the customer.
    -Prepare and deliver packages directly to customers. This means you
    are responsible for packing and delivering the orders.


  7. How do you get paid?
    We deposit payment into your bank account at regular intervals and
    notifies you that your payment has been sent.